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Things to do in Daylesford

Come to Daylesford and visit these wonderful sites

One of the most popular markets in Daylesford is the Sunday Market, which operates each Sunday from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm at the old Daylesford railway station (no matter the weather). They have a wide variety of stalls selling everything from fresh local produce, clothing, collectables, and artisan products which is well managed and balanced. (so there are not 10 stalls selling cheese knives).

The Daylesford Sunday Market is located at 18 Raglan Street with plenty of free car parking available. Dogs on a leash are welcome at the Daylesford Sunday Market. You can also catch a historic old train to Bullarto station from the trains station at the market.

The walk around Lake Daylesford is a must-do! It is great to get out and see the real beauty of this area and smell the fresh country air, there are mineral springs with naturally carbonated mineral water available to taste, abundant bird life to admire, and viewings of historic and well-kept buildings. There are BBQ facilities and even paddle boats. A visit here is a great thing to do in Daylesford.

The Mill Markets is a great place to stop when you’re in Daylesford, it’s a collection of many small, tasteful antique stalls all in the one place, you can lose hours in the place and also get coffee and lunch whilst there. It’s a perfect way to spend a rainy or sunny day whilst in the area.

What can we say about The Lake House Restaurant…

The Age Good Weekend says, “You don’t just eat at Lake House; you immerse yourself in one of Victoria’s most enriching hospitality experiences.” Most high-quality restaurants have a common goal, and that’s to strive to achieve a chefs hat accreditation. Most never achieve this as it’s a best of the best award. The Lake House restaurant has done it twice. Wow!

They have been featured on the television show Master Chef and people come to Daylesford from all around just to dine here. A meal here is a great activity after taking our Daylesford tour!

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A look at Daylesford Lake in Victoria